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Astrada is soon launching its completely new version of our tool.

  • Web based
  • Modelling  and Result analysis in the same flow
  • Intuitive workflows for the end users responsible for updating the model (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

With astrada5 it will be natural to run the solutions in a thin web client  and in the cloud (public/private).
Calculation modelling is now done in a flow workspace, where it is simple to follow your costs through the whole model, and to understand the result by any result object (customer/product/Invoice etc.)
The updating of the result is simplified by user specific workflows, much like a step-by-step wizard. The users will only see what they are responsible of and in which order to perform the defined tasks.
There are also a new feature with required “sign-off” reports where the users have to approve of the numbers/results before sending things further into the solution. All this is logged and can be followed up.


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